This is the home of my art. I’m an allround artist and photographer.
I hope you’ll enjoy what you see here. See you soon at one of my exhibits.

Childhood memories we all have them, but what do we do with it. It forms you and affects your life. As a child you are like a small Explorer; everything has its first time. With the years the wonder disappears but the feeling and the memories are stored in the subconscious and pop up suddenly under certain circumstances. I have tried to capture my memories and feelings in my collages. Using digital techniques to create my own world I have the ability to share this world with others. From a melting pot of memories, feelings, fantasies and inspiration “The Lacy World and Captured Emotions” has arisen. A unique world in which the ordinary becomes unique and the unique becomes exceptional.

The light of memories is seldom sharp or hard

Expositie Rob de Heer in Kasteel d'Aspremont-Lynden, Oud Rekem (B.)

Together with more than 60 other artists I participate in the exhibition in Castle d'Aspremont-Lynden, Groenplaats 1, 3621 Oud Rekem (Lanaken), Belgium. Oud Rekem is one of the most beautiful villages in Flanders and is only a few kilometers from Maastricht. The exhibition will take place from Saturday 14 August to Sunday 12 September. Opening hours: Friday/Saturday/Sunday 11am-5pm. The entrance fee is € 5.00.

Samen met ruim 60 andere kunstenaars doe ik mee aan de expositie in Kasteel d'Aspremont-Lynden, Groenplaats 1, 3621 Oud Rekem (Lanaken), België. Oud Rekem is één van de mooiste dorpen van Vlaanderen en ligt slechts een paar kilometer van Maastricht af. De expositie vindt plaats vanaf zaterdag 14 augustus tot en met zondag 12 september. Openingstijden: vrijdag/zaterdag/zondag 11.00-17.00 uur. De toegangsprijs bedraagt € 5,00.